12+ Easy Christmas Present Nail Art Designs & Ideas 2015 | Xmas Nails


Easy things look interesting because nobody has that energy to invest in anything out of the busy routines. But still women take a time off for themselves and one must always beauty oneself no matter what the circumstances are. Otherwise life will lose its entire charm and one will feel low. Today I am unfolding […]


Easy Step By Step Thanksgiving Nail Art Tutorials For Beginners & Learners 2015


Thanksgiving Day is here, well the essence of the event should not be forgotten behind the celebration and get together parties on the day. Basically the day is held just to thank God for His benevolences and blessings that He has been showering on the mankind. He gives us shelter, food and all the resources […]


15 Best Turkey Nail Art Designs, Ideas & Trends 2015 | Thanksgiving Nails

15-Best-Turkey-Nail-Art-Designs-Ideas-Trends-2015 -Thanksgiving-Nails-F

Nail art is a widespread trend that has made the women of this era entirely insane, because salons are charging way too much and women are acting totally spendthrift in order to get their nails done professionally, well it is digestible ever since you got money in your pockets. But not everyone is in the […]