Very Simple & Easy Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs & Ideas For Learners 2014


I love painting my nails with different nail art designs. There are always nail polishes around me, dotting tools and nail art pens so I can make my nails appear pretty and beautiful. Playing with different colors is a real art but even a beginner can create an awesome nail art pattern sitting at home. […]


Simple Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs & Ideas For Beginners 2014 | Heart Nails


Valentine Day is that special day when lovers cannot sit at home and roam around their beloveds to make them feel exceptional; they can’t ignore them on this particular day when love should be felt on its peak. The mounting interest of people for shopping the Valentine’s stuff is rapidly increasing. Today I am bringing […]


Inspiring Nail Art Designs & Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2014 | Heart Nails


Nail art has a widespread influence on the women around the world. More and more nail art patterns are introduced every single day to gratify the needs of girls. I myself keep on playing with different colors as you never know what looks superb in the end. Today I am showcasing inspiring nail art designs […]


Love Nail Art Designs & Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2014 | Heart Nails


The wind of love is blowing. It makes the hearts fly right towards those we love the most in this world. Love is a special feeling and whosoever loves someone, he/she has a million dollar heart. It takes whole lot courage to express what your heart holds for someone and Valentine’s Day is the perfect […]


Simple Nail Art Designs & Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2014 | Heart Nails


Red, pink and white heart shape balloons, red roses, teddy bears, chocolates and greetings cards are the very elements of Valentine’s Day. All the lovers avail the opportunity of 14th February to express their deep emotions to their love birds. Love is a sacred thing and whosoever does not love oneself, he/she can never love […]