20+ Best Winter Snowflake Nail Art Designs, Ideas, Trends & Stickers 2014/ 2015


Winter is looming and blooming every single day. we are waiting for the Christmas and each day the enthusiasm is multiplying because it is the only big event we all wait for throughout the year. Santa Claus is ready to scatter gifts around; presents, chocolates, teddy bear and candies are oozing out of the red […]


15 Winter Gel Nail Art Designs, Ideas, Trends & Stickers 2014/ 2015


Nail art is the most trendy fashion around the globe, it is widespread like a plague and people are inventing new techniques to have better nail art patterns. Now you can make awesome nail art patterns by yourself. Grab the nail art kits and start applying the funky patterns by yourself.Obviously the first result can […]


Easy Polar Bear Nail Art Designs & Ideas 2013/ 2014 For Beginners & Learners


Nail art is going overboard in this running era, girls are spending quite enough money on the nail paints and salons are opened in almost every other corner offering nail art expensive treatments to the consumers. Today I am showcasing easy Polar Bear nail art designs and ideas of 2013-2014 for all those beginners and […]


Easy & Simple Panda Nail Art Tutorial 2013/ 2014 For Beginners & Learners


Nail art is expanding like a wave of a great tempest, this passion would never come to an end as girls never want to let it happen, they want their nails to look more than perfect and for this, girls never hesitate spending money on hands. Today I am bringing forth easy and simple Panda […]