Christmas Ornament Nail Art Designs & Ideas 2019


Christmas is all about happiness, joys, euphoria, glitz and glam but the most important thing without which the event is incomplete, is none other than the cutest and most lit Christmas ornaments. Yes, the decorative stuff is pertinent on the event, gingerbread, Santa Claus, snowman, bobbles, stockings and Christmas trees are part and parcel of […]


15 Christmas Ornament Nail Art Designs & Ideas 2016 | Xmas Nails


Christmas is back in the town and only a month away therefore many malls and markets have opened up Christmas sale packages. What are you up to these days? Have you planned a Christmas party with your friends and family or not? Decorate your houses with amazing Christmas decor, dress up according to the demand […]


15 Christmas Ornament Nail Art Designs, Ideas & Stickers 2015 | Xmas Nails


Winter is all here again and we are so excited to celebrate it like never before. Although shopping for Christmas takes longer than enough because from the costumes to the decoration stuff everything has to be bought and we cannot use old stuff over and over again, therefore it becomes costly. Have a look at […]