Black, White, Green & Red Halloween Nail Art 2021


Halloween is the only event when we can easily and confidently experiment with our looks. Because they are everybody’s favourite, and when it comes to the day of spookiness how can these colours be not amalgamated into nail art designs, dresses and avatars? What was the last outfit or costume you wore on Halloween? Share with us […]


Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Nail Art 2021 | Halloween Pumpkin Nails


Halloween is here again to engross us all into fun activities, trick/treat and the parade of fancy and spooky outfits. Pumpkin is the main ingredient of Halloween day, people also grow their own bigger sized pumpkins in the kitchen garden or backyard to use them in the decoration of Halloween and then they are also […]


Halloween Ghost Nail Art Ideas 2021| Cute Halloween Nails


Halloween is the most awaited event of the season. From planning parties and making costumes to creating scary, delicious foods , distributing candies, pumpkins, even decorating the yard and there is so much to do. This event is close to our hearts for a couple of great reasons. At least we can enjoy the outfits which we […]


Zombie Nail Art Designs 2021| The Walking Dead Inspired Nail Art


Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to get spooky with your nails and makeup looks. Looking for a design to match your zombie costume? These Zombie nails are perfect for you. Zombie nail art designs bring a spooky yet stylish and classy factor to your nails. Today I am presenting before you Zombie […]


20 Halloween Nail Art Designs & Ideas 2021 | October Nails


I know people are getting more and more curious about Halloween day which is yet to set the stage on fire with scary objects casting magic and malign all around. Are you excited about Boo day too? Get yourselves ready for the horror and spookiness of Halloween this year with surprising jam-packed avatars, horrifying settings/ambiances […]