15 Christmas Toe Nail Art Designs, Ideas & Stickers 2015 | Xmas Nails


Women can never say no to fashion because this is how they feel happy and cherish their beauty. It is always fun being in the company of strong women who never underestimate themselves, who like to stay magical and complementing each other on their grace and elegance. Well trends and fashion freaks are always up […]


20 Christmas Snow Nail Art Designs & Ideas 2015 | Xmas Nails


The entire world is breathing winter and the cold is getting colder day by day, the faster we are driving towards the big event of Christmas, the more excitement is escalating among youth and adults, even kids show their keener curiosity in the event of Christmas. Well fashion cannot be taken aback because whenever there […]


15 Santa Nail Art Designs, Ideas, Trends & Stickers 2015 | Xmas Nails


Santa Claus is the most cardinal aspect of Christmas, you can never underestimate the glitz and glamour of him, in his white beard and red livery he looks perfect and everybody waits for his arrival having a sack of big and small gifts, candies and goodies. Well stay trendy on Christmas, wear apt dresses that […]


10 Santa Belt Nail Art Designs, Ideas, Trends & Stickers 2015 | Xmas Nails


Santa Claus is unavoidable on Christmas because it really makes the occasion even more special, so here all through the month of November and December I will be bringing along Santa posts, isn’t it amazing? Well literally waiting for Christmas is making my temperature rise, I just want the event to be the best of […]


15+ Reindeer Nail Art Designs, Ideas & Stickers 2015 | Xmas Nails


Nail art fashion is the most talked about trend in women’s conversation. Women of all ages love to get themselves caressed because they are born beautiful and want appreciation. It is not the story about me and you but the entire society of women are fashion freaks. Today I am unfolding before you 15+ Reindeer […]