18+ Christmas Tree Nail Art Designs & Ideas 2016 | Xmas Nails


Christmas is always a biggest happening of the year therefore the surprises come along are different and gigantic. People enjoy the festivity season and they get the best home decor as a happy and loving gesture towards their family and friends. What are your Christmas plans for this year? Here I am providing you a […]


15 Christmas Santa Nail Art Designs & Ideas 2016 | Xmas Nails


Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Well when we talk about Christmas day, it unfolds certain indispensable ingredients without which, the day of Christmas is not made. The first important thing is Christmas tree and Santa Claus. They are like hand in glove with Christmas. Today I am unfolding before you 15 Christmas […]


Easy & Cute Christmas Nail Art Designs & Ideas For Kids 2016 | Xmas Nails


Christmas is the biggie big celebration and after it follows the New Year when euphoria is multiplied so basically this is the season of festivity when the whole December just lit up and makes us happy every single day. From dawn to dusk; commotion is observed, people dress up for partying and enjoy to their […]