18 Cute Christmas Nail Art Stickers & Decals 2016

I have never seen any woman who is careless about her beauty, every one of us wants to look glamorous and pretty so therefore it is never too late to put yourself at first and give yourself the due importance that you deserve.

Here I am providing you a post of 18 cute Christmas nail art stickers & decals of 2016. These are basically helpful for the beginners who have not got any know-how about how to apply proper nail paints and art. Put these decals and stickers on your nails and they will make your hands and nails looks perfect that you ever wanted. Cheers!

Holiday Stamps


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Xmas Nail Stips Polish Stickers


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Snowflake Tree 3D Nail Art Sticker Decals


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Holiday Glitter DIY Nail Art Stickers


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Christmas Themed Nail Art Decals


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Christmas Designed DIY Beauty Nail Decoration


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Holiday Nail Art Decals


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Christmas Presents Santa Trees Design Nail Art Stickers Decals


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Christmas Gingerbread Man Waterslide Nail Art Decals


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Christmas 3D Nail Art Decals Stamping Kit


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Christmas Theme Nail Art Glitter Tattoo Stickers Decals


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Christmas Water Transfer Nail Sticker 3D Nail Decals


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Nail Art Decoration Sticker Sheet


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Christmas Nail Decal Art Stickers Tattoos


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XMAS Nail Art Water Slide Tattoo Stickers


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Christmas Nail Stickers – 3 Pack


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Metal Christmas Nail Art Decoration Slice


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3D Rhinestone Fake Diamond Crystal Nail Art Tips


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