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If you ask a girl what is her passion, don’t get surprised if the answer is “nail art”, it is something we can’t live without today, I can’t imagine keeping my nails unpainted, I guess it would look so annoying as if I am ignoring my nails.

We all know that FIFA world cup is approaching; it is just around the other month, this year FIFA world cup 2014 is going to be held in Brazil on June 12th, 2014 where 32 teams are going to compete with each other in the 12 different cities of Brazil, I am pretty excited for my country. Obviously participating in the world class tournament is a great pride so keeping fingers crossed for that. There is an air of buying FIFA goodies, they may either be sneakers, tees and among girls — FIFA nail art designs.

Today I am unfolding 25 + FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil nails art designs, ideas, trends, stickers and flag nails. Make flags of your country, your country’s initials and colors of the flag on your nails to give a big shout out for your motherland. Let’s fasten our seat-belts and get set for the uproar of FIFA, I hope you would fall in love with the collection I arranged for you dedicated to FIFA world cup 2014. Stay up to date and fashionable. Cheers!

Patriotic Nail Designs To Welcome World Cup 2014


Image source


FIFA World Cup 2014 Brasil Nails


Image source


Football Nails


Image source


FIFA 2014 Nail Art


Image source


Chile Nails For FIFA World Cup


Image source


Brasil 2014 FIFA World Cup Nails



Simple Football Nails


Image source


Mexico Nails


Image source


Croatia Flag Nail Art


Image source


Costa Rican Flag Nails


Image source


French Flag Nails


Image source


Netherlands Nail Art


Image source


Brazil Flag Nail Art


Image source


Ecuador Inspired Nails


Image source


Portugal Nails


Image source


Germany Flag Nail Art


Image source


Patriotic Nail Designs With British Flag Patterns


Image source


Football Inspired Nail Art Design


Image source


Nigeria Flag Nails


Image source


France Flag Inspired Nails


Image source


Concrete & Nail Polish : World Cup 2010 Ghana


Image source


Patriotic Nail Designs With Argentine Flag Motifs


Image source


Team Switzerland Nail Polish Appliqués | Nail Designs


Image source


Manicure Inspired By Colombian Flag


Image source


Japan Inspired Nails


Image source


Water Marble Chile Flag Nails


Image source


Australian Flag Nail Art Design


Image source


Cote D’Ivoire Flag Nails


Image source

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