Best Nail Art Tutorials 2013/ 2014 For Beginners & Learners

Nail art has grabbed loads of appreciation and praise from women of every age. Millions is spent on monthly basis on nail art salons, as girls don’t like to take it on nerves and simply going to salons and get their nails done. It becomes expensive and uneconomic for majority.

Keeping this in mind I put together best nail art tutorials of 2013-2014 for beginners & learners. These tutorials will help you applying amazing and beautiful nail art designs. Enjoy your own beauty and never miss a chance to prove it. Have a look at the collection! Cheers!


Calico Cat Nail Tutorial


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Polka Dotted Nails


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Pink & Yellow Triangle Nail Art Tutorial



Image source




Image source


Splatter Paint Nails Tutorial


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Jelly Sandwhich Nails Tutorial


Image source


Lace Nail Tutorial


Image source


The Glitter Fade Tutorial


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Ombre Manicure


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Cherry Flowers Easy Nail Art Tutorial


Image source


Minnie Manicure


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Tutorial Nail Art – Zebrinha


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