20 + Halloween Acrylic Nail Art Designs, Ideas, Trends & Stickers 2014


Halloween casts it dread all around the globe in the month of October and people get desperate about the horror day because all they want is to get involved in Halloween’s mess, appearing to be horrifying and putting on loud makeups, weird avatars & so forth. That’s what Halloween is all about. The anticipation of […]


10 Amazing Fourth Of July Acrylic Nail Art Designs, Ideas & Stickers 2014 |4th Of July Nails


Nail art has become way too common among girls, women no matter of what age they are, never overlook fashion. They can never compromise on their looks and for this, their pennies are dropped from their handbags and they do no bother being a snobbish and spendthrift. Nail colors make nails look fashionable and stylish, […]