Winter Toe Nail Art Designs & Ideas For Girls 2013/ 2014


Winter is here as ever again and we are enjoying the freezing cold sitting at home wearing warm clothes. Winter is the most celebrated season, in the mild sunlight, the whitish environment and cool breeze give a soothing effect. It has a healing power to mend the hearts that are broken and brighten the darkness […]


Step By Step Winter Nail Art Tutorials 2013/ 2014 For Beginners & Learners


Winter is here and we love the snow falling on the ground and making us roam like cold-struck. Winter has its own misty environment which most of us enjoy with our family and folks. It has some certain fashion line which is sober and yet to elegant especially in terms of nail art trends. Today […]


Easy Winter Nail Art Tutorials 2013/ 2014 For Beginners & Learners


Nail art is wide spreading like fire in the world of fashion and style. Panaches are created every day in terms of nail art and people don’t get tired of applying various styles of nail art on their nails. It is always fun playing with colorful patterns and I am providing you a little help […]