Cute & Easy Christmas Nail Art Designs & Ideas 2013/ 2014

Christmas is just around the month and we are stepping ahead to celebrate it with sheer happiness and joys. Are you ready to go and grab what Santa is holding in his red magic pouch? Well, that’s not just all, the whole Christmas gatherings, biggie big gifts and merriment make the occasion beautiful.

Today I am showcasing cute & easy Christmas nail art designs and ideas of 2013-2014. Hope you would love the collection and will apply these nail art on Christmas day with the complimentary attires. These are so simple and easy. Do let us know how much it was helpful. Stay happy and stylish. Take it away! Cheers!


Snowflake Nail Art Set


$ 15.00

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Lady luck Red Nails


$ 20.00

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Christmas Nail Art


Image source


Brown Candy Christmas Nail Art


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Santa Nail Decals Christmas Holiday Nail Art


$ 3.75

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Dark Snowflake Nail Art Stem


$ 8.33

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Cool Christmas Nails


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Christmas Gingerbread Set Nail Art


$ 3.00

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Cute Christmas Nail Art


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