Easy Happy Birthday Nail Art Tutorials For Beginners & Learners 2014

Do you enjoy celebrating your birthday in a grand manner where friends give you birthday presents, share delicious cake with you, you sing happy songs together, dress up like a princess and be in the spotlight? For that you need to dress up perfectly, so that eyes don’t get swayed from you and you give people, a total distraction. Make your look vigorous from the crown till toe.

Today I am showcasing easy happy birthday nail art tutorials of 2014 for beginner and learners. If you don’t know how to grace your nails with superb nail art designs, then you must slog through to learn the basic techniques of applying nail art patterns that are simple and easy. Spread laughter; enjoy yourself on your birthday. Cheers all the way!

Birthday Cupcake Nail Art Tutorials


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Easy B’Day Nail Tutorials


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