Keeping Your Skin Healthy In a Long Island Summer

When summer swings in, most people want to think about the exciting plans ahead of them, yet it can be discouraging to suddenly have terrible skin once the weather starts to heat up. 

Our skin is often an indicator of our physical and mental health, so we must do what we can to make sure it continues to look great.  These are the top ways to keep skin healthy in any Long Island summer.

Keep As Hydrated As Necessary

You must stay hydrated to keep your skin healthy and clear.  To do this, drink when you’re thirsty, and ensure your urine stays a light yellow, almost clear, color.  Hydration will ensure that your skin has everything it needs to cleanse itself and help you sweat to regulate your body temperature, and can keep your entire body healthier.



Use Sunscreen and SPF Products

Sunscreen is vital in the summer, but you should ensure that most of the products on your skin have some sort of SPF property to them.  The amount of SPF protection will vary by product, but anything above 35 should be enough for most people.  You should pay attention to the main areas are your face, lips, hands, and chest.  These are the most common areas of skin that get burned, so they need extra protection.



Wash Your Face Once a Day

Wash your face every single day.  It’s better if you do it at night, so that your face doesn’t rest against an oily pillowcase every night, but doing it in the morning can also help.  This will remove any excess oils and will ensure that you keep clear of acne and buildup of dead skin.  Use a scent-free and gentle face wash, especially if your skin is sensitive.



Avoid Touching Your Face When Possible

If you can, it’s a good idea to avoid touching your face throughout the day in the summer.  Our hands hold onto a lot of oil, and by touching our faces constantly, you put yourself at risk of seriously ruining your complexion.  Beyond that, if you have any germs, dirt, or other material on your hands from looking at Long Island houses for saleeven if you don’t notice it- this can lead to infections and clogged pores.

Eat a Healthier Diet

Your diet can be one of the most important tools for your skin in the summer.  Not only does it increase how much hydration you get, but it also can do damage by adding tons of oil and sugar that’s not great for your skin. So at least once a day, try to fit in a large snack or an entire meal; that’s 90% fresh foods.  This can be a fruit salad, and a smoothie for breakfast or a fresh greens salad with a vinaigrette poured over it for lunch.  Fruits and vegetables can do so much for your skin, so it’s a good idea to let them!



Your Skin Doesn’t Have to Suffer in the Summer.

Bad skin doesn’t have to be a constant every single summer!  Instead, invest time into ensuring you get the skin of your dreams.

About Sumbal Kuraishi

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