Simple & Easy Cat Nail Art Tutorials 2014/ 2015 For Beginners & Learners

Nail art has gained popularity all across the globe, no matter what event a woman is supposed to go, whether it’s a bonfire, hangout with family and friends, university party or a wedding ceremony, nail art cannot be overlooked. New and new patterns are introduced every single day and we have to keep an eye on the latest patterns.

Today I am bringing forth simple and easy cat nail art tutorials of 2014-2015 for beginners and learners. So those of you who know little about nail art can follow the simple techniques and end up having professionally made nail art designs. Have a look at the tutorials and you will for sure learn some amazing things. Cheers!


Calico Cat Nail Tutorial


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Black Cat Nail Art Tutorials


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Image source


Black & White Cat Nail Art Tutorial


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Cat & Cat Paws Nail Tutorial


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Black Cat Manicure


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