Six Ways to Improve Client Relationships for Beauticians


Establishing strong connections with others is one of the best ways to achieve success, and that applies to different aspects of life, including a beauty business. 

Strong relationships with clients usually take a lot of time and energy, but the effort is worth it because the better the relationship is, the higher the odds of running a profitable business. In addition, stronger client relationships also encourage word of mouth and even greater job satisfaction. 

Having said that, the beauty industry is quite competitive, and salons compete with one another not just to attract the best talent but also to get as big of a customer share as they can. 

Below, you will find six ways that can help beauty salon employees improve relationships with their customers. 

#1 – Offer Flexible Booking Options

The first way is to be flexible with booking appointments. Different people have different preferences when it comes to making an appointment in a beauty salon. Some like to visit in person, especially if they live nearby, and discuss the details with a beautician. Others make phone calls.

You can also count on some customers who would prefer a different option to book an appointment. Beauticians can use online salon scheduling software and create a personal profile that includes their offered services and available timeframes.

Customers, who have links to beautician pages, can visit them and select a time frame to book an appointment. 

The important thing to note is that clients appreciate flexibility, and providing different booking options is a great example.

#2 – Reward Loyal Clients

It is necessary to focus on marketing and attracting new customers, but so is current client retention. One of the best ways to have more loyal customers is to offer them rewards.

Freebies, such as being the first to try a new procedure, will come a long way. Beauticians can also offer exclusive discounts, product samples, and other goods. 

Since the beauty industry is so competitive, it is crucial to encourage clients to pick your business, not the competition. Take advantage of the available resources and reward loyalty. A smart marketing campaign that emphasizes customers who are loyal will also be a great boost during slow seasons.

#3 – Show How Reliable You Can Be


Word of mouth is one of the primary means to advertise a beauty business. It takes one of the clients to share their positive experience with friends and family, and you have an influx of new customers thanks to the snowball effect.

Often, a business’s reputation is tied to its reliability. For beauty salons, it is a beautician’s reliability, to be more precise. 

Do not be late for work, respond to customer queries, answer their questions, and most importantly, provide quality services so that the customers leave the establishment happy. 

#4 – Work on Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are one of the most crucial traits a beautician should have. Greeting customers with a smile, being nice throughout the whole procedure, answering their questions, and having the right body language are just a few examples of solid interpersonal skills.

It is worth noting that interpersonal skills improve with experience and time, so newcomers should not fret too much if they have yet to figure out how to communicate with customers perfectly. 

The priority is to remember that each customer should be treated with respect and as an individual, so that they feel welcomed in the beauty salon.

#5 – Exceed Client’s Expectations

Exceeding customer expectations is bound to build authority, encourage loyalty, and improve retention. Most people appreciate it when someone puts extra effort to make them feel better, and the beauty industry is no exception.

Beauticians should react to what the customer is saying and act accordingly. If clients ask for a product sample to try, or if they would like to use one of the products that the salon has, letting them know where to get it or even sharing the supplier’s contact information would be greatly appreciated.

There might be instances of customers being late to the appointment despite it being the end of the workday, but a beautician could find it in themselves to still accommodate this late customer and make their day. 

#6 – Learn About Different Personalities


Working in the beauty industry means meeting different people, particularly when it comes to customers. Some are the chatty type who will not stay quiet throughout the entire procedure. On the other hand, you also have introverts who are not that keen to talk unless they have to.

Identifying different personalities is key so that you know how to interact with each one. You do not want to force words from an introvert, nor should you ignore a client who is talking to you. Have them feel comfortable, so their overall experience inside a beauty salon is pleasant. 

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