The Best Nail Drill For Gorgeous Nails

Many people think that the most important step in a pedicure is painting your
toenails, but the truth is that heel care is as important as your toenails, as rough
heels may make your pedicure a waste of money and effort.
So, what are the traditional steps for a pedicure?
1. Wash your feet
2. Exfoliates dead skin with the scrub
3. Use the pumice stone
4. Push the cuticles back
5. File and buff the toenails
6. Apply the basecoat, color of coat, and topcoat
7. Moisturize
Will you be tired of doing a pedicure when you see so many steps? Imagine you
have to prepare in advance all the products you use at each step and make sure
all of them you can use safely.

But from now on, you don’t have to be scared or worried about these steps, because, with one MelodySusie pedicure nail drill, you can easily complete the steps two to five.

2 Important Reasons You Should Choose MelodySusie

1. Lowest Speed


The maximum speed of the general nail drill is about 35,000RPM. Since the pedicure drill needs to be used on the skin, the ordinary pedicure drill brand on the market adjusts the speed to about 4,800 RPM. However, the highest speed for MelodySusie pedicure drill only tops out at 650 RPM.


As shown in the picture, you can safely use it on your skin, even the soft skin on your hands.

2. 8 Different Bits

Not only are the speeds, but also the drill bits are completely different from ordinary manicure nail drill bits. Eight pedicure special bits can be used almost everywhere on your feet and hand skin.

Mainly For Calluses And Skin


Mainly For Toenails And Nails


In addition, the most annoying problem of cutting and filing your toenails is that the dust and dirt will be dropped at the corners of the floor. A dust protector will deal with this problem perfectly. Just take it when using the bit.


3 More Key Features You Cannot Miss

1. Wireless & Rechargeable

Say goodbye to the trouble of being ‘trapped’ by wires, the cordless design allows you to enjoy the foot spa everywhere and every time

2. Two Directions

The pedicure nail drill has two rotation modes, without worrying about the conversion of right-handed or left-handed use.

3. Four-speed Control

You can use different speeds for different skin roughness, all of these speeds you can use safely on your skin.


3 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers You May Concern

1. How to ensure that the drill can grind efficiently at such a low speed?

– High Torque. The average torque on the nail drill market is, and the torque of MelodySusie pedicure nail drill is In other words, even if the pedicure is working on a stone surface, it will not stop turning.

2. How often you should get a pedicure?

– 3-4 weeks. Depending on the time of dead skin and toenail growing, you can have a pedicure no more than four weeks

3. Do I still need a pedicure in autumn and winter, since the feet are basically not exposed in cold weather?

– Definitely Yes! The pedicure isn’t just for beauty, it’s also about relaxation while you exfoliate dead skin and calluses.

It’s time to get and try this new Nail Drill Kit! I believe you will not be disappointed.

Let your feet free from dead skin this winter.

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