15 + Easy Summer Inspired Nail Art Tutorials For Beginners & Learners 2014

There is a trend of applying new and innovative nail art designs. Every girl wants to be appreciated by people who see her, she wants to stand out of the multitudes where she moves about so her best endeavors are done to elaborate her beauty and do everything that makes us desirable and stunning. I have been posting various nail art designs and I am happy getting positive feedback from you all. Summers are here and we are moving fast forward to the weather of colors and hues. From dresses to the nail art designs all tiny and mighty things are flaunting gaudiness.

Today I am unfolding 15+ easy summer inspired nail art tutorials of 2014 for beginners & learners. Learn new techniques and tactics by which nail art would become easy for you, with practice you will be able to do it perfectly. Use dotting tool to make polka dots, anchor, clouds, rainbow, glitters and vibrant slants to give a summer touch to the nails. Have a look at the collection. Cheers!

Glittery Summer Nails


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Vibrant Summer Colors Nail Art Tutorial


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Black Polish Nail Art Tutorial – Best For Summer


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Pretty Paisely Nails Tutorial


Image source


Neon Manicure


Image source


Summer Sponge Tutorial


Image source


Metallic Nail Art Tutorial


Image source


Flower Nail Art Tutorial


Image source


Cherry Nail Art Tutorial


Image source


Anchor Nail Art Tutorial


Image source


Summer Caviar Party Nail Art Tutorial


Image source


Pineapple Nail Art Tutorial


Image source


Citrus Nail Art Tutorial For Summer


Image source


Strawberry Nail Art Tutorial


Image source


Multicolor Nail Art Tutorial For Summer


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Ice-Cream Nail Art Tutorial


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