Cute Yet Simple Blue Nail Art Designs & Ideas 2013/ 2014

Blue is the color of sky that alludes towards highness and integrity. Blue is the color of sea and oceans that remind us of depth and profusion. Blue color has a magnificent appeal which is very attractive and appealing. Nail art without the touch of blue color is just like a body without soul.

Today I am showcasing cute yet simple blue nail art designs and ideas of 2013-2014. Make simple blue and elegant nail art designs on nails without much strife and exertion. Scroll down and seek ideas, you can make your own alterations as well. Take it away!


 Blue Water Marble Nail Art


Image source


Sparkly Pink Purple & Blue Water Marble Nail Art


Image source


Blue Lace Nail Art Design


Image source


Owl Nail Art


Image source


Black Polka Dot Nail Art


Image source


Blue Nail Art


Image source


Blue Nail Art Designs


Image source


Fruit Extract Nail Polish


Image source


Blue Dots


Image source



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