Simple Music Nail Art Tutorials 2014 For Beginners & Learners

Nail art is the most popular fashion around the town I personally don’t think that it is going to be withered away any year, and the expanding interest has taken the shape of a plague & enveloping every other place where their lives women. What nail pattern have you tried on your nail previously? I get to inform you about the latest trends of nail art so to keep you upfront in fashion.

These days’ people are seen applying music nail art making various music notations with white base coat and black notation drawn on it makes it look bulging and highlighted. Today I am unfolding simple music nail art tutorials of 2014. I am sure you will get better ideas how to draw music nail art yourself. Scroll down and have a look. Do let us know how much the post helped you out. Cheer candy dolls!

Cute Nails – Music Note


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Step By Step Music Nail Art Tutorials


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Easy Music Nail Art Tutorials


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Musical Nail Art Tutorial


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