Easy Disney Frozen Inspired Nail Art Tutorials For Beginners & learners 2014

I love applying various nail art colors each day when I get ready, the same thing is going on with every other girl around us. Girls never wish to look any less than a celebrity or a movie character they see. Lately the release of ‘Frozen’ movie made all girls go nuts about ‘Anna, Olaf and Elsa’. That is why plenty of purchases have been observed regarding frozen themed tees, mugs, dresses, accessories and jewelry.

Today I am unfolding before you easy Disney Frozen inspired nail art tutorials of 2014 for beginners & learners. These are very simple tutorials you will love to follow without hassle or stress on nerves. Make frosty nails with blue and white colors, you can make snowflakes and the faces of Anna & Elsa as per your own wish. I am sure these patterns will help you out. Stay beautiful and grab praises. Cheers all the way

Simple Frozen Nail Art Tutorials


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Frozen Nail Art Tutorial – Step By Step














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