Amazing Music Nail Art Designs, Ideas & Trends 2014

I love applying nail art of various colors; it has now become a strongly followed trend, over the time the interest in nail art has pretty being visible and notable. Famous celebrities, pop icons, top models and actresses are flaunting their adorable hands with cute nail art patterns. So what on earth would stop us doing that too?

If you are a music lover and there is no such genre left which you have had not heard, you must try music stuff in your life and fashion. Now apply music nail art to give a feel of a pop star. Today I am unfolding amazing music nail art designs, ideas & trends of 2014. I hope you would love the collection. Do tell us your experience. Have a look at the collection. Cheers!

Music Nail Art


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Music Nail Art Designs





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Music Nail Art Ideas





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Music Nail Art Trends


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Music Manicure


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