Simple Summer Inspired Toe Nail Art Designs, Ideas, Trends & Stickers 2014

Let the summer blow our minds with happiness and renewal of surroundings, the dull ambiances are now replaced by blossoming buds, the breezes touching cheeks are sweet-scented. Cheerful weather, hide & seek of clouds, rainfall and the sunbeams are making us know that ‘nature is beautiful’; it has colors and a very fine blend of beauty and loveliness.

Summers are a lot about colors so the dresses we wear should depict that we are dressed up in accordance with the weather demands. Likewise hands and feet can never be ignored because they are the essentials we can’t oversee. So keep the nails of hands and toes quite in shape, they should be properly filed and painted with nice and compatible colors.

Today I am unfolding simple summer inspired toe nail art designs, ideas, trends & stickers of 2014. You can add a lot of pastel colors, neon colors, black & white on your toe nails, make polka dots, fruits, water waves, sun, glittery slants and other flashy designs to make them look sophisticated, I am sure you will adore the collection. Keep coming back for more updated trends of nail art. Cheers!

Summer Inspired Toe Nails


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Summer Toe Nail Art


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Summer Toe Nail Art Designs


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