Easy Christmas Tree Nail Art Designs & Ideas 2013/ 2014 | X mas Nails

Christmas’ excitement is rolling up the world in the glitter and spark. Firecrackers are blown on the eve of Christmas as an alarm of an upcoming big event of December 25—Christmas. I have been posting nail art collection especially for the occasion of Christmas to accommodate you all.

Today I am presenting before you easy Christmas tree nail art designs and ideas of 2013-2014. These Xmas nails are so impressive and stunning that one can’t resist the temptation of applying them in first go.

Draw cute trees on nails and show your euphoria for Christmas. Have a lovely time with friends and family. Scroll down to see the accumulation.

 X Mas Tree Nails


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Christmas Tree Nail Art


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Christmas Swirl Nail Decals Holiday Tree Nail Design


$ 3.75

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Christmas Tree Nail Art Designs


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Christmas Trees On Nails


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Christmas Tree Nail Art Stem


$ 8.16

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